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To comprehend the meaning of dermatology, you need to know things about skin. The skin is an organ that protects you and your internal organs, while the skin itself is your largest organ. It also regulates body temperature. The skin can tell how healthy you are from the inside. Dermatology is the branch of science that deals with the skin and involves medical and surgical methods. It includes the study, diagnosis, research and management of conditions that affect skin, hair, membrane, fat and nails. Dermatologists are skin experts who specialise in hair, skin, and nail conditions. These skin experts are the ones who can help you identify the leading cause of your problem and make a plan for your treatment.

The skin diseases they can treat:

Acne - A skin problem occurs when your hair follicles become clogged with dirt, oil and dead skin cells.

Eczema - It is also known as dermatitis, causes dry and itchy rashes on the face and inside the elbows. Scratching it can make it worse.

Hair loss - A disease also called alopecia can affect your scalp. It can be temporary or permanent.

Nail fungus - Nail fungus is a condition that begins as a white spot under the tip of your nail. Cosmetics usually cause it, and it can cause pain and a slightly foul odour.

Psoriasis - A problem in which skin cells build up and form scales. It causes a rash commonly on the knee, elbow and scalp. It is a long-term disease. It can be painful, interfere with sleep and make it hard for you to concentrate. 

Skin cancer - The unusual growth of skin cells happens. Mostly it occurs when the skin is exposed to the sun, but this can also occur on the areas of your skin which are generally not exposed to the sunlight.

Rosacea - It is a skin disease that causes flushing and makes your blood vessels visible, and it can also cause small, pus-filled bumps.

It only benefits you if you take help from a dermatologist because a qualified dermatologist can help you examine the problem and come up with the best possible treatment plan. They can treat a wide variety of diseases, from skin cancers to acne. So it is excellent if you have searched for the things like a dermatologist near me to seek their help.

You might wonder how you can know if a dermatologist is good for you or not, but the answer is simple, you need to check the things like review, board certificates, experience and their specialisation. If you have been looking for the best skin doctors, you can contact Ayushman skin and cosmetology. We have some of the best doctors willing to listen to your problems and give you the best result possible. We provide you with help from the best dermatologist in Delhi. They are the right people you can go to for skin and hair-related issues.



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