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An Overview Of Laser Treatment For Dark Circles In Delhi

Table of Content

  1. Introduction

  2. How is laser treatment helpful for under-eye dark circles?

  3. What is the procedure for laser treatment for the under-eyes dark circle in Delhi?

  4. What are the reasons for the formation of dark circles? Are the dark circles permanent?

  5. What is the cost of Laser Treatment For Dark Circles In Delhi?

  6. Conclusion



Dark circles occur because of the pigmentation of the skin under the eyes that turns light brown to dark brown or even black. Dark circles are more visible to light or fair complexion skin. They develop because of the underlying veins around the eyes give a different colour (reddish-blue) to the skin. There are different methods used for under-eye dark spots or dark circles. The most common one is the best dark circle treatment with Laser Light. The method is used to treat both superficial and deep pigments around the eyes and helps fight vascularity symptoms. The treatment helps to fight dark spots under the eyes, and wrinkles or sagging skin (to some extent).

How is laser treatment helpful for under-eye dark circles?

Laser Treatment For Dark Circles In Delhi is safe to use, approved by the FDA, and commonly accepted by dermatologists. It helps to fight hyperpigmentation and stimulate rejuvenation by focusing on the lengthening of dead or dark-coloured tissues/cells. The process is followed by radiating high-beam laser light on the target area.

There are two broad categories of laser treatment, especially for dark circles. This may include ablative and non-ablative. Ablative lasers target the outer layer of the skin containing excessive melanin. It helps to stimulate the blood vessels around the area in the outer layer or underlying skin. Nonablative lasers focus on the cells, forcing them to participate in collagen formation. This collagen formation process further causes the skin to tighten and thereby works on removing wrinkles.

  • There exist two reasons for Dark under-eye circles. One is the formation of melanin under the eyes, and the other is poor circulation.
  • Melanin is a substance that gives colour to the skin, and when it appears in excessive amounts, it leads to hyperpigmentation.
  • Then, there come pigmented dark circles, also known as periorbital hyperpigmentation.
  • This may happen because of age, change in lifestyle, poor sanitary conditions, lack of sleep, and many other factors.

Poor blood circulation can lead to dark circles in the area. Another type is called dark vascular circles, which occur when blood and lymphatic liquid cannot circulate properly. This further leads to visible dark spots and pigmentation under the eye.

Many treatments are available for dark circles, including natural, medical and over-the-counter serve yourself with the laser under eye treatment for dark spots, you will be required to for an in-office visit.

There are several laser treatment procedures, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. The different types may include:

  • Ablative lasers – carbon dioxide laser treatment and garnet laser treatment, and
  • Non-ablative options – pulsed dye lasers, Q-switched lasers, and fractional lasers.

If you or anyone you know intends to look for Best Dark Circle Treatment, you can opt for a consultation with your nearby dermatologist at Ayushman Hospital.

What is the procedure for laser treatment for the under-eyes dark circles in Delhi?

On the first day of treatment, your dermatologist will apply a topical anaesthetic or numbing cream to the dark spots. This will give you a comforting and cooling sensation, numbing your vessels so you do not feel the laser's heat. Once the creams get into the skin, the skin specialist/cosmetic surgeon/dermatologist will pass a long device under the eyes. Your eyes will be covered throughout the process, and the dermatologist will proceed one by one.

The whole process may take one hour, and it is worth it to treat the damage under the eyes with a laser. Since the eyes are the delicate organs of the body, the top priority is to maintain safety measures. You may have little feeling of inflammation and flushing, but the laser that is provided to the area will show quick results.

It is advisable to adhere to pre and post-treatment instructions, maintain professionalism, and hide the eyes during the whole process.

What are the reasons for the formation of dark circles? Are the dark circles permanent?

  • Losing stability and strength: dark circles appear because of the ageing process. The skin starts losing its strength and the blood vessels appear dark on the skin.
  • Rupture of Blood Vessels: Due to ageing, injury, or any chronic disease, there can be a reduction in blood circulation or leakage of blood into the vessels. This results in pigmentation and puffy eyes.
  • Imbalance or Local Swelling: This can cause the under-eye to appear dark.
  • The Role of Heredity: Here in this category, no ageing process hinders the appearance of dark spots and no blood vessels rupturing. If your parents have dark under-eye appearances, you will get the same in your genes.
  • Deficiency of Vitamins: lots of factors like imbalance in diet/food intake, medical conditions, anaemia, hyperpigmentation, and many other medical conditions lead to dark circles under eye.
  • Lifestyle factors: Watching TV for a long time, getting addicted to phones and tablets or big screens, lack of sleep, not taking rest at the right time, emotional instability and lots of reasons.

Although there are lots of factors causing the under-eye dark spots, the dark circles become noticeable with age and thereby become permanent. Ultimately, the person loses their strength, collagen production, thinning skin, and eyes, or the skin becomes translucent. All over, it affects vision as well.

What is the cost of Laser Treatment For Dark Circles In Delhi?

It is said that “eyes are the window to the soul of human beings”. Stressful lifestyles, illnesses, or any kind of medical condition become visible through the eyes. When you are exposed to sunlight or a polluted environment, your skin starts piling debris into the open pores. This leads to dull, dead skin. Sometimes, you also develop dark circles. Laser treatment for dark circles is one such procedure that helps you fight the various reasons for the darker skin around the eyes.

Moreover, Best Dark Circle Cost Removal is between INR 4000 to INR 7000 per session; sometimes, it can increase as well; depending on the condition of the issue. The cost of the technique, the tools, the doctor's basic fee structure, and the case's severity may further decide the overall fees.


Best Dark Circle Treatment with Laser technology is a long-lasting solution to several factors leading to under-eye dark circles. Laser treatment is a certified technique approved by the FDA for use by skin/dermatologists and cosmetologists. You may have adverse effects using this approach, but all those are treatable and minimal.



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