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Avoid 9 Common Skin Health Mistakes

Table of Content

  1. Introduction

  2. Skin mistakes you should avoid
    2.1 Not using moisturiser if you have oily skin
    2.2 Storing skin products improperly
    2.3 Excessive exfoliation
    2.4 Using sunscreen only in summers
    2.5 Using thick products under the thin ones
    2.6 Not removing your makeup before bedtime
    2.7 Touching your face frequently
    2.8 Eating fast food often
    2.9 Smoking and drinking habits

  3. Conclusion



A lot of people walk through their everyday and monthly routine, applying products they purchased ages prior or handling all four seasons as equal when it comes to a skin health strategy. That are just two of the most frequent skincare blunders people make. There's a very long list of what needs to be done to attain healthy skin. But what about skin health blunders we should avoid? 

Skin mistakes you should avoid

1. Not using moisturiser if you have oily skin

When you possess oily skin, you may suppose that using a moisturiser is the last thing you should do. But, as the body's protective organ — and the one that's arguably most affected by the environment then, the skin frequently needs a moisturiser to ease the loss of hydration even with its oily or pimply texture.

2. Storing skin products improperly 

Keeping your products where it's too hot or too moist might result in ruining your product. Most products are fine at the range of natural cool and warm temperatures throughout the time, but if they receive direct sunlight on a very hot day, they can heat up and deactivate in a short period of time.

3. Excessive exfoliation

Our skin doesn’t replenish itself quickly enough to undergo constant exfoliation as there are no skin cells underneath. By scaling back your exfoliation to one time or twice every week and making up to a maximum of three times a week, but only if you apply light formulas.

4. Using sunscreen only in summers

It works to help as serious an issue as skin cancer. So to avoid the threat of being a victim of it, opt to apply sunscreen every day, no matter if it’s storming, shining, or raining. In simple words, the weather shouldn't be deciding whether you should use sunscreen or not.

5. Using thick products under the thin ones

The rule for using your skin products is to start with the ones with the thinnest consistency and further move to the thicker products. if you use the thicker products under the thinner ones then the heavier consistency products always block the lighter ones. As a result, the effectiveness of that potent product will get downgraded, and you won’t experience the result you are supposed to.

6. Not removing your makeup before bedtime

Not taking off your makeup before going to bed is one of the most ordinary mistakes that people make. It not just clogs the pores but creates a barrier between your skin and the atmosphere making it tough to breathe.

7. Touching your face frequently

Touching your face overly is one of the main reasons behind acne. The bacteria on your hands results in clogging your pores which in turn develops acne.

8. Eating fast food often

For healthy skin, good food should be consumed like vegetables and fruits. Fast food is not healthy for the skin. They make the skin oily and also produce fatty acids. Healthy food makes the skin clean and beautiful.

9. Smoking and drinking habits

Skin specialist in Delhi advises you to avoid smoking and consuming alcohol because excessive smoking and drinking takes away moisture from the skin and similarly makes lips and skin appear darker. Smoking damages the lungs and alcohol damages the liver and causes cancer and other health issues.


We mostly end up ruining our skin even after using those expensive creams and moisturisers, the reason for it lies with your lifestyles like hormonal imbalance and stress, but most of the time, it’s the skin health mistakes we make unknowingly. By avoiding these 9 common skin health mistakes you make and consulting with the best skin specialist in Delhi at Ayushman Skin and Cosmetology Centre you can get the glowing and clear skin you always wanted.



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