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Bikini Laser Hair Removal Cost In Delhi


Table of Content

  1. Introduction

  2. Reasons for Getting Bikini Laser Hair Removal

  3. Post Laser Treatment Precautions

  4. What Can You Expect During And After Your Session With Laser Hair Removal Dermatologist?
    4.1 During the Laser Hair Removal Session
    4.2 After the Laser Hair Removal Session

  5. How Much Does Bikini Laser Hair Removal Cost In Delhi?

  6. Conclusion



Pubic hair often disturbs growing youth, including both men and women. There can be embarrassing situations when you go swimming and have private time in the bathing room. Women, they may feel uneasy in their clothes or after revealing themselves to their partners. Bikini Laser Hair Removal in Delhi saves you from those embarrassing situations and helps you smoothen your skin, get hair-free and be comfortable with your clothes/skin.

Reasons for Getting Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Bikini laser hair removal treatment does not aim at enhancing your personality but gives you the chance to take care of your body hygiene. You may have had sexual intercourse in your life, may have gone through a time when your body would discharge maximum fluid, period flow or even in case of orgasms, you need to have proper hygiene and a hair-free bikini line. 

When these hairs are left untreated, they can lead to infections, and internal diseases and may leave you smelly. Many situations, like changing clothes in front of a partner, wearing tights, periods with heavy flow, etc., can make you feel tense, significantly when dense hair growth interferes with your routine activities. 

  • As the name suggests, the laser hair removal method employs laser light. It sends pulses to the hair follicles, destroying the roots so that hair doesn't grow again.
  • The fact is that individual hair grows at different rates, and therefore, you require different laser techniques.
  • The laser light is adequate only when hair follicles are in an active stage. This may require at least three stages, starting with applying a numbing cream to the area and removing hair growth from the area.
  • Multiple treatment sessions may be required for the permanent effect. However, laser hair removal is not permanent.
  • Laser hair removal works for people of all skin types, be it fair, dark or sensitive; the tool/method can be changed per the skin type or complexion for best results.

Post Laser Treatment Precautions

It can be exciting and challenging to have laser hair removal for a bikini area. Be it any type of surgical procedure, minimally invasive procedure, or any cosmetic procedure, all require a lot of attention. Indeed, you need to take care a lot before, during and after the procedure. Some tips that may help you with your laser hair removal procedure are:

  • Your skin may feel itchy, red, or irritated. You can apply a soothing gel or lotion so that you do not feel irritated for long.
  • Avoid using tweezers or waxing the area where you have received the laser treatment.
  • Do not use any chemical/soap/shampoo or foamy liquid immediately after the treatment.
  • In case you feel side effects, try consulting your dermatologist. You may have swelling, redness, or tiny hair left on the treated area. 
  • Avoid hot showers at least 2-3 days after getting the treatment.

What Can You Expect During And After Your Session With Laser Hair Removal Dermatologist?

Bikini Laser Hair Removal in Delhi usually requires two to six sessions. It depends on the hair growth, the area to be treated, and the treatment method you are going for. For instance, if you are likely to have treatment for your back, it may take around 12 to 16 weeks for complete permanent hair removal.

For each treatment, you will be required to wear protective glasses for your eyes. Your dermatologist may apply a topical anaesthetic cream to your target area so that you may not feel the heat of laser light.

  • During the Laser Hair Removal Session

Laser treatment uses hand-held laser machines. Depending on the type of laser, your dermatologist will give you a cooling gel to apply to the target area. When the doctor activates the laser, the laser will be applied or passed to your skin. This will attack or burn the hair follicles inhibiting their growth. During this time, you may feel a slight discomfort because of the warmth of the laser machine. At the same time, you are likely to feel a cooling sensation because of the cream applied before the process.

Treating the small areas like the bikini lines, upper lips, forehead etc, may take around one hour.

  • After the Laser Hair Removal Session

Immediately after removing hair follicles, you may notice redness or swelling. To work on this discomfort, you can try applying ice to the target area. The dermatologist may help you with suggestions for steroid creams. After the laser treatment, try not to expose yourself to the sunlight. You can try using broad spectrum SPF 30 for your sun protection.

How Much Does Bikini Laser Hair Removal Cost In Delhi?

Bikini laser hair removal is one of the standard methods used extensively by dermatologists. This is because of the ease of the procedure and the approval by the FDA. The treatment is not painful and takes a maximum of one hour for any area or body part. The best time for the removal of hair due to laser treatment is about 10 minutes. Moreover, the treatment depends on the skin type, the density of the hair, and the outcomes you are required to have.

Bikini Laser Hair Removal Cost In Delhi ranges from INR 2500 to INR 5000 for a single session. If you or anyone you know intends to proceed with laser hair removal treatment in Delhi, you can seek help from our aestheticians. They may help you with the comfort level, aesthetic services, and the most straightforward steps to proceed.


Hair removal in a bikini area is becoming increasingly common for dermatologists and women these days. Waxing, tweezing, and removing hair with the help of creams can be hectic or time-consuming. Although there are many options for removing hair from the skin, laser treatment is one of the standard options helping any age to go through hair removal processes with ease. Also, it is not the permanent solution for hair removal, but if you want to get permanent results, you will have to opt for a lot/number of sessions.



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