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Table of Content

  1. Introduction

  2. What is Mole Removal and why it is done?

  3. Can a mole be cancerous? Does it require simple removal or surgery?

  4. How safe is it to proceed with mole removal treatment in Delhi?

  5. What is the mole removal price in Delhi? How cheap or costly is it?

  6. Does a mole removal treatment in Delhi require an in-office visit?

  7. FAQ
    7.1 Is removing a mole a good idea?
    7.1 Is mole removal painful?
    7.3 Do moles grow back?
    7.4 What size mole should be removed
    7.5 Is it better to remove moles or leave them?
    7.6 What is the cost of removing a mole?
    7.7 Can you remove a mole naturally?
    7.8 When is it appropriate to remove a mole?
    7.9 What are 4 varieties of moles?
    7.10 How can I permanently remove a mole at home?

  8. Conclusion



Moles are the growths on the skin that are usually brown or black and may appear alone or in a group. They appear in childhood and start appearing dark in colour after the person attains the age of 20 or 25. A person can have around 10 to 40 moles on his or her body. If you or anyone you know wants to seek knowledge or get treatment for Mole Removal Cost in Delhi, you can visit Ayushman Hair & Skin Hospital.

What is Mole Removal and why it is done?

To proceed with Mole removal in Delhi, you may visit a dermatologist who will further cut or shave the area and will remove all your scars on the skin. It is an outpatient service to be handled by a medical doctor specializing in diagnosing and treating skin diseases. It is a quick procedure and requires only a few minutes to complete. Herein, it is essential to note that a mole can also be cancerous so this may require a test by your dermatologist. Some people may visit Delhi's best mole removal clinic for cosmetics and skin rejuvenation.

If the dermatologist can remove the mole, he or she may serve you with the mole removal treatment in Delhi, only if you are unhappy with your appearance or the mole's location.

Can a mole be cancerous?

Since there are different types of moles and one can easily distinguish them from congenital ones. The mole may or may not be cancerous. In simple words, they are the group of melanocytes. If the DNA gets defected, affected, or damaged, it can turn out to be dangerous and even cancerous. Moles are formed before you reach the age of 40, but they are slow growing and do not change quickly. If a mole has to be cancerous, it will appear like any injury or protruded appearance. It will be an ugly mole and look different from the natural brown spots. Moreover, such cancerous moles will change their appearance over time.

Does a mole require simple removal or surgery?

After visiting the best mole removal clinic in Delhi, your doctor will help diagnose the mole by looking at your skin. Your doctor or dermatologist may have your complete screening test from head to toe. If your doctor doubts that your mole can be cancerous, he or she will take your physical or blood test and send the same to the laboratory for further examination. You may also be recommended to proceed with biopsy- the test for cancer.

How safe is it to proceed with mole removal treatment in Delhi?

Mole removal in Delhi is a treatment to be proceeded by an expert. It utilizes the laser removal procedure that is safe and secure for humans. Specific risks are involved, like scarring, but those are treatable and minimal. There is only a 1% of chance of scarring after the surgery. Many patients worry about the pain and the risks involved. The truth is mole removal treatment in Delhi is the least painful and is a commonly utilized procedure in Delhi, India. Also, you do not need to worry about the pain. This is because the target area will be numbed using anaesthesia. However, you may feel little sensation because of the use of the tools. The procedure is entirely safe, with minimal scarring and other risk factors and can be proceeded with within a few minutes.

What is the mole removal cost in Delhi? How cheap or costly is it?

In medical terms, moles are described as new cellular skin. They are the protruding substances appearing on the layer of the skin due to the accumulation of melanin- the building substance of eye, skin and hair pigmentation. Large moles carry the risk of being cancerous. The major differentiating factor is that they start appearing ugly with time. In many cases, moles enhance the person's beauty if they appear on the chin, cheek, or face.

Moreover, sunlight may hurt the mole or can make it look hideous. Sunlight can make moles appear darker and even ugly. If you visit the best mole removal clinic in Delhi, your doctor will help you understand how sunlight leads to various worsened conditions and make you develop skin cancer.

There are lots of factors that come into play while you are seeking any medical surgery or treatment. Although mole removal is a minimally invasive surgery, the factors influencing its price are equally implemented like other surgical treatments. These factors may include:

  • The severity of the case,
  • The overall appearance,
  • The location of the mole,
  • The shape of the mole, and
  • The size of the mole

The mole removal cost in Delhi also depends on the technique you have chosen for the treatment process. Moreover, the price for the treatment can be as minimum as INR 3000 and a maximum of INR 30,000/-. Therefore, the mole removal cost in Delhi varies from one patient to another.

Per Mole


1 Mole

INR 2500/- to INR 3000/-

Multiple Mole Package

INR 20,000/- to INR 27,000/-


Does a mole removal treatment in Delhi require an in-office visit?

With the help of the best tools, laser beams, and techniques, mole removal treatment can take a minimum of 10 minutes only. To proceed with mole removal in Delhi, you must visit the hospital, clinic, or dermatologist. You may also require a follow-up visit to complete the mole removal process.

Four types of mole removal treatments are used in any best mole removal clinic in Delhi. These procedures are:

  • Freezing: In this method, a small amount of nitrogen is used to remove the noncancerous mole.
  • Burning: This involves using a burning sensation that helps remove the upper layer of the skin where the mole is located. This may take more than one session as the whole process can be divided into parts for ease of purpose.
  • Shaving: This is another process of removing unwanted moles from the skin. The dermatologist may utilize a shaving blade to cut off the skin surface where the mole is located.
  • Excision: The word excise means surgical removal of anything from the human body. Thus, this procedure makes dermatologists dig a little deeper into the skin. The skin is later stitched together; this method is typically used if there is a cancerous mole.


1. Is removing a mole a good idea?

Mole removal can prevent the spread of malignant and precancerous cells in a straightforward surgery and solve your cosmetic concerns. Most of our patients have lasting results and can enjoy life to the fullest after removing a prominent or suspicious mole.

2. Is mole removal painful?

If you choose surgical removal or a razor to remove a mole, the operation is simple and should not cause pain after the region is numb. You may experience stinging or burning in the affected area for a few days after the surgery.

3. Do moles grow back?

Mole cells can allow the mole on the skin to regenerate into its previous shape and size. Do not mistake the regrowth of moles for malignancy. Noncancerous moles have the same renewal potential as cancerous moles. The entire mole must be removed to prevent it from growing back.

4. What size mole should be removed?

A healthy mole should be no bigger than 6mm in diameter, about the breadth of a pencil eraser. Do get an immediate appointment with a specialist if you have a mole that is noticeably larger than this.

5. Is it better to remove moles or leave them?

If you are wondering if removing moles prevent skin cancer, the answer is no. Cutting out a mole does not mean your cancer is reduced. Precancerous moles may need to be removed to reduce the cause of contracting skin cancer. Although moles are harmless, some people may want to remove their moles for cosmetic reasons.

6. What is the cost of removing a mole?

Mole removal expenses can range from INR 12,000/- to INR 1,60,000/-, depending on your insurance policy. The total cost may also be affected by the lesion's diagnosis, size, and location. We encourage an in-office visit to acquire an accurate quotation.

7. Can you remove a mole naturally?

When castor oil and baking soda are combined, they form an ointment that may eliminate moles when administered for several weeks. The assumption is that the baking soda dries out the mole while the castor oil protects the skin.

8. When is it appropriate to remove a mole?

Winter might be the best time if you're thinking about having a mole removed. Here are three of the reasons why. If you keep any injury or scar away from direct sunshine, it will heal faster. And, of course, preventing sun exposure is considerably more accessible in the winter.

9. What are 4 varieties of moles?

4 varieties of moles exist. Namely, congenital moles, dysplastic nevi, acquired nevi, and spitz nevi.

10. How can I permanently remove a mole at home?

Some methods for removing moles include:

  • To burn the mole, use apple cider vinegar.
  • To break down the mole from the inside, press it with garlic.
  • Remove the mole with scissors or a razor blade.
  • Iodine is applied to the mole to destroy the cells therein.

Some effective home methods for mole removal include:

  • On the mole, apply a blend of castor oil and baking soda.
  • Cover the mole with a banana peel.
  • To remove the mole, apply frankincense oil.
  • Apply tea tree oil to the affected region.
  • Apply hydrogen peroxide to the mole.
  • To eradicate the mole, apply aloe vera.
  • Apply flaxseed oil to the affected region.



The mole removal cost in Delhi depends on various factors. If you have a mole that is not irritating you, bothering you or making you get tensed, it is better to leave the things alone. If you are visiting your dermatologist, he or she will first work on the signs or symptoms of cancer moles. This will help the surgeon potentially remove the doubts of cancer. 



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