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Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost In Delhi - Ayushman

Table of Content

  1. Introduction

  2. How worthwhile is Electrolysis for unwanted hair removal?

  3. What are the different and available methods of Electrolysis for hair removal?
    3.1 Galvanic Electrolysis
    3.2 Thermolysis (Shortwave Diathermy)?
    3.3 Blend

  4. The Science Behind the method of Electrolysis

  5. How does the procedure of Electrolysis hair removal work?
    5.1 The Procedure of Electrolysis
    5.2 Time Taken for Completing one Session of Electrolysis

  6. Why choose electrolysis hair removal over other temporary methods?

  7. What factors further determine the cost of the electrolysis hair removal method?
    7.1 Pros of electrolysis hair removal
    7.2 Cons of electrolysis hair removal
    7.3 Factors affecting the cost

  8. Conclusion



While laser has marked the status of popularity for permanent hair removal, the need for another method, i.e., Electrolysis, is arguably strong. It is more "permanent" and efficient than lasers. It helps you eliminate unwanted hair follicles and make it worth your investment.

Hearing the word Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost In Delhi, people get startled by the name of the hair removal method. But, in reality, it is just as high as the cost of your monthly grocery.

Electrolysis hair removal works on all body parts and is highly accepted by dermatologists, cosmetologists and other skin specialists. To make your booking risk-free and enjoy every part of it with updated machinery and high-tech gadgets, avail yourself the electrolysis hair removal today!

How worthwhile is Electrolysis for unwanted hair removal?

The effectiveness of electrolysis depends on the skills and performance of the technician. It is more connected with the dermatologist's machinery know-how and technical understanding. To perform Electrolysis, the technician needs to do accurate needle insertion while using the accurate and appropriate light intensity and current duration. The technician should apply the electric current based on the patient's pain threshold, the duration of the current being controlled by the technician and the sets of the intensity measured in milliamps. A standard estimate exists that at least 25% of the hair does not regrow after Electrolysis.

Electrolysis is one of the slowest methods among all hair removal techniques like lasers (Laser Treatment For Pigmentation Cost In Delhi), shaving, tweezing and waxing. It is further prolonged by the need to insert the needle into the hair follicles. It may take at least a minute or more to remove hair follicles and use electrolysis.

The electrolysis hair removal cost in Delhi is as worthwhile as the procedure of electrolysis itself. You can expect a little pain while the procedure is being performed. Although the pain tolerance level depends on person to person, the doctor or the technician may use topical anaesthetic creams at least one hour before the application of machinery on your skin. You will indeed receive the desirable results and sensational skin you have dreamed of. However, you will have to expect that it is a little painful because the damage to the follicles is done with electricity, and you may have a sensation of the current.

What are the different and available methods of Electrolysis for hair removal?

1 Galvanic Electrolysis

This electrolysis method has been used for more than 150 years, with its first successful use in 1875. Later in 1916, it was developed again when an additional five needles were added to the machinery to reduce the limit of time required for the treatment. This process is known as the multi-needle method and utilizes chemical reactions to destroy the hair follicles. This chemical reaction is brought by introducing the electric current directly to the hair follicles. The needle is inserted into the hair follicles, and the pore is emptied using the current. This current reacts with the saline found at the base of the follicle and thereby leads to the production of sodium hydroxide, further called lye.

In this natural chemical reaction between the skin and the electric current administration, the machinery destroys & disables the hair follicles, preventing them from regrowing. The chemical formed in the skin continues to work for a period, even after the removal of the needle.

It is one of the highly effective and permanent hair removal methods effective for removing unwanted hair. However, it is time-consuming and requires at least three minutes per hair follicle. Therefore, this method is suitable only for coarse hair and thick and dense beards.

2 Thermolysis (Shortwave Diathermy)?

Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost In Delhi depends on the method used by the technician or dermatologist. However, thermolysis is the newer method compared to galvanic, with its first establishment in 1923. It is an alternative to the galvanic procedure and is very much similar to that. The only difference is that radio energy is emitted into the hair follicle pore, designated at high frequency instead of electric current.

The needle emitting the radio frequency at high intensity vibrates the hair follicle, irritates the water molecule of the base of the skin, heat is produced and thereby, the target cell tissue is destroyed.

The treatment is comparatively quicker and takes only a few seconds to complete, but it is considered less effective.

3 Blend

This one combines galvanic electrolysis and thermolysis, utilizing the action method of both. It is the newest of all three methods of electrolysis hair removal. It was first discovered in 1945, and since then, it has been utilizing high-intensity energy to vibrate the hair follicles and heat them. As soon as the heat is applied, the caustic strength of the lye increases. The energy is dispersed and absorbed by the area of the hair follicles. But, it is not as quick as thermolysis, taking at least 7+seconds per hair, with a quicker hair removal method than the galvanic technique. This technique is suitable for fine body and facial hair with rich density.

The Science Behind the method of Electrolysis

Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost In Delhi includes the cost of machinery. Electrolysis is not just confined to hair removal but is a process of extracting hydrogen from water.

  • It is industrially used and helps release the chemical bond by passing the current through a chemically bonded element.
  • When using Electrolysis for hair removal, the needle is inserted into the hair follicle. It helps to chemically change the bond between the salt and water in the skin.
  • This breaking of chemical bonds leads to the formation of sodium hydroxide, commonly known as lye. This formation of lye is enough to kill the cells responsible for producing hair growth.
  • Electrolysis is not a recent or new method. Dr Charles Michel first developed it to remove ingrown eyelashes in 1875.
  • Over the years, the process was improved, and many ways were discovered to refine computer technology, with the improvement in manual instruments and highly trained electrologists.
  • It is far successful method working efficiently for permanent hair removal. This one is advantageous for those who want to eliminate unwanted hair on their faces and other pubic parts.
  • Moreover, it is advantageous over shaving, cream powder, depilatory products, waxing and tweezing, where you have more chances of cuts, unpleasant use of chemicals, and temporary results.

How does the procedure of Electrolysis hair removal work?

Lasers have been in the trend for hair removal on various body parts like the face, legs, arms, stomach and back. You may have even asked for Laser Treatment For Pigmentation Cost In Delhi after knowing the benefit of laser for hyperpigmentation. Despite all these trends and popular methods, one of the techniques that are prevailing in the cosmetology market is “Electrolysis”.

The Procedure of Electrolysis

While receiving the electrolysis session, you will be asked to lie down on the bed or the treatment table. If necessary or the patient requests the same, they will be provided topical anaesthesia.

To initiate the process, the electrolysis technician (an electrologist) will apply the needle probe. This needle will be inserted into the skin, releasing a thread that will go straight into the hair follicle. This needle with thread filament will release current to destroy the root hair. The current is applied until the root hair is removed. This counts in your final billing of the Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost In Delhi.

Time Taken for Completing one Session of Electrolysis

Since hair grows in different stages, with different strands growing, resting and shedding at any time, the stage is known as growth, rest, and replacement. The patient will undergo multiple sessions to ensure that all hair roots are treated well. The hair follicles can take between 15 to 30 minutes, with each session taking 15 minutes to one hour of the whole process. Thus, you can assume to give a free day to the procedure without giving any promises to other commitments.

Why choose electrolysis hair removal over other temporary methods?

Like other traditional and unique hair removal methods, electrolysis also helps you eliminate unwanted hair growth. But, with standard methods like tweezing, threading, and waxing, pigmentation or discolouration of the skin may persist. Moreover, these methods can, at a time, aggravate hair growth with dense and black-coloured richness. These methods may seem inexpensive but come with low maintenance. If you are looking for a permanent solution, electrolysis is one of those methods that can help you achieve the quality and the dream you aspire to. Activities like waxing and tweezing can be inconvenient and tough to manage.

This is probably a permanent hair care solution with a qualitative hair removal method. Although there is nothing that may not involve side effects and complications to overcome, electrolysis can assure you of the significant effects without any second thought. This is cosmetic surgery's most widely accepted hair removal method and can lead to various (otherwise) skin issues. However, they all are treatable with little care.

What factors further determine the cost of the electrolysis hair removal method?

Delhi's best electrolysis hair removal cost may include the price for a needle-shaped electrode pinched between the body's pores. The needle sends an electric current which in turn destroys the hair follicles. This method helps to prevent the regrowth of the hair roots. This technique applies to small body parts like armpits, eyebrows, etc.

Pros of electrolysis hair removal 

  • It is equivalent to a permanent hair removal technique, especially when you carry this procedure with at least 4-6 sessions (maximum). Once invested, you will never regret the results. It is worth saving investment for a few pennies.
  • You can opt for this permanent solution if your body often develops ingrown hair follicles.
  • It is an FDA-approved technique and helps you receive the desirable results with good quality.
  • It doesn't rely on pigmentation protein like melanin, as in the case of laser hair removal for pigmentation. It is a technology-based targeting treatment.
  • This technique works regardless of pigmentation, texture, and skin colour.

Cons of electrolysis hair removal

  • The technique is time-consuming; the technician must zap up the hair follicles individually. There takes more than one minute for each hair.
  • If the hair follicle is not hit precisely, it can cause pigmentation. This can also lead to minor damage after it reacts with the skin. Also, the damage may occur because of sunburn or exposure to sun rays.
  • The procedure is sophisticated & sensitive in the sense that it emits electric current, and not all have the same tolerance levels for pain.

Factors affecting the cost

The electrolysis hair removal cost in Delhi depends on various factors and may include:

  • Hair Thickness: coarse hair growth is easy to remove with the help of electrolysis.
  • Hair Volume is directly proportional to the amount of hair; the higher the hair growth, the higher the cost.
  • Area: if you intend to have electrolysis for a flat area, it will be accessible to purse, compared to any curved area that is difficult for the machinery to reach.

While there are certain things you need to consider before choosing electrolysis, you also need to consider various factors before choosing a cosmetologist or dermatologist.

Check for the things like -

  • Qualifications
  • License
  • Offline or online appearances
  • Market value
  • Staff behaviour
  • Clinical amenities

Moreover, electrolysis hair removal costs may range from INR 2500 to INR 4000 per session. The cost may vary as per the number of sessions, the area, the density of growth, and the target area.

The above information related to cost is only indicative and may change per the clinical value, the place or demographic area, and the clinic's requirements.


Among the various methods available, lasers & electrolysis are long-lasting hair removal techniques. Electrolysis is the newest and works best for various skin types. The results are better & permanent with hair removal. You do not need any maintenance or downside with the number of sessions. However, the electrolysis method cannot cover large areas as that in the case of laser hair removal. It applies to those who want short-term and quick results.

Ayushman Skin and Cosmetology is the most generic and highly qualified fragment in the line of healthcare, dermatology & cosmetology. If you intend to connect with Ayushman Skin and Cosmetology for the electrolysis hair removal method, you can reach the experts by giving a call at the phone number- +91-9599816603 & +91-9599816604 and can also email us at [email protected]




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