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Get Beautiful Eyelids With Cosmetic Surgery

An eyelid lift is an invasive procedure that helps to get rid of excess skin from your eyelids. Eyelids do stretch, and the various muscles supporting them weaken as we grow old, resulting in fat accumulation above and below your eyelids. This can cause bags under the eyes and sagging skin around the eyes which can reduce your vision. This surgery gets rid of these problems and makes your eyes look younger.

Types of eyelid treatment

Upper eyelid  - It's done when you have excessive fat, sagging skin and puffiness on your upper eyelids.

Lower eyelid - This surgery can be done if you have bags under your eyes.

Double eyelid - In this situation, the creases in your upper eyelids are formed to create double eyelids.

Steps involved in this surgery

  1. Anaesthesia - During your surgery, anaesthesia is given to you for your comfort. This surgery can include intravenous sedatives or general anaesthesia.
  2. Incision - The cuts are made so that the scars by the treatment will be concealed within the natural structures of the eyelid. The cut is made within the natural creases on the eyelid regions for the upper eyelid. This allows removal of fat accumulation, tightening of muscles and removal of excess skin. The situation of the lower eyelid is corrected through a cut just below, the lower lash line. The excess skin is then removed through this cut.
  3. Closing - The eyelid's incision is closed using sutures and skin glue. Sutures can be removed within one week. Your surgeon can also suggest a chemical peel or a laser to reduce the discolouration.

Recovery time

It might take around 7 - 14 days for you to recover. Your eyelids may stay swollen for 1 - 3 weeks. However, the appearance of your eyelid will continue to get better. You just have to use the medication prescribed by the doctor.

Aftercare you must do

  • Wear dark sunglasses after your surgery.
  • Don't wear contact lenses.
  • Do not drive. 
  • Products like shampoo, lotion and creams keep them away from your eye.
  • Avoid activities like exercise.
  • Rest and sleep with your head placed on 2 pillows for 2 weeks.
  • You can place cold packs on your eyes. It helps to reduce swelling.
  • Restrain yourself from using eye make-up.

Benefits of this surgery

The eyelid surgery gives you younger-looking eyes and restores a better shape above your eyes. Sometimes it can also help you to boost your confidence if you are self-conscious about your eyelids. This procedure also improves the field of your vision.

The eyes are the most valuable things on the face. If your eyelids are sagging, it gives you a weary look. You can look old because of this, but with the help of this surgery, you can have younger-looking eyes. Cosmetic surgery eyes look natural and are free from fat accumulation. This surgery offers you better vision by unblocking your eyes which lasts for an extended period. This surgery creates a fresh aesthetic look by correcting your drooping eyelids.



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