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Get Desired Booty with Buttocks Lift Surgery

Everyone desires a good body shape, but age and other factors affect it. Have you ever heard about a butt lift? It works like a natural butt and provides better results within a short time frame, unlike exercises that show effect after a year or two. But the lift is a well-known growing procedure in which fat is transferred to the backside to provide more fullness to a butt.

In this process, the excess butt skin is removed, and the remaining skin is repositioned to provide a more toned look. It is a part of cosmetic surgery that improves the appearance of the buttocks. It is used to lift the lower body that contours the butts, groin and lower abdomen. Sometimes butt lift alone doesn’t work in adding volume to the butts, so sometimes it is combined with butt augmentation, which alters the shape and size with the help of fat grafts and implants to provide you with better shape.

For natural-looking results, this procedure involves the following steps-
This procedure is performed under the effect of anaesthesia, where a small volume of fat is transferred.

Surgeons use liposuction to eliminate fat from the areas of your body like the belly, thighs and hips. Incisions are involved in this process.
That stored fat removed from the body is then purified and injected into the buttocks.

The surgeon creates more round butts by finishing the injections of fats in it for that they can make 3-5 incisions for lipid transfer.

What a butt surgery can do?

  • It makes the appearance of the butt full and round.
  • It improves the balance of your body.
  • Enhance overall body appearance and boost self-confidence.

A person can consider a butt lift if - 

  • An individual has lost a significant amount of weight.
  • If a person gains weight, the body fat increases drastically in a nonrequired direction.
  • A person doesn’t have time to exercise but desires a good body shape.

Results you’ll get –

  • A surgical butt lift provides better results in less time and is long-lasting. After this procedure, you’ll need to take care of a few things like moving, avoiding a straining position that can reopen your wound and keeping your activities at a low level.
  • Butt surgery is famous for providing more natural and round-looking results.
  • It can help address issues like sagging and shapelessness that sometimes appear with age.
  • One can consider this if they are bothered by the imbalanced appearance of their figure.
  • It has little or no risks of infection as compared to other butt shaping procedures.

This procedure mainly targets the shape of the buttocks. A person who desires a nice booty to get a better body shape so that they can wear the clothes they want. It enhances one’s appearance, and it is budget-friendly. This procedure is also time efficient because it provides visible results in 6-12 weeks or more. If you are looking forward to getting a good pair, you can contact Ayushman Skin and Cosmetology Centre for the best consultancy as they have the best surgeons available to perform butt lifting.



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