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Hair health is usually not atop our priority list of self care and even when it is in it, we tend to be miser about the money we are spending on hair-care. But this may not go well, because this lazy care could create much trouble for your hair. It may make you visit a hair treatment specialist, which is going to cost far more money than you might have imagined. Though, after the treatment, your hair health will be much better than what it already was.

Your hair is meaningful to your overall wellness and well- being because it's one of the earliest aspects that others may observe about you. How well and vibrant your hair is can relate to someone what kind of person you are, and how you perceive yourself. Healthy hair is a sign of self-esteem and allows others to overlook you in a positive light.

Types of hair care treatments

Keratin treatment

Keratin is a sort of protein, one of the main factors of your hair. A keratin hair treatment, occasionally called Cezanne, or Brazilian keratin treatment( but there are other types and brands), is a chemical procedure for dry limp hair that makes it straight, smooth, and candescent. A proper hair salon keratin treatment with the right conservation yields amazing results lasting up to 6 months.

Protein treatment

Protein treatments are the smart salon hair treatments for damaged hair. numerous women cherry-pick them for renewing their dry brittle hair and boosting its growth. Protein helps to prevent breakage and support the structure of the hair strand by packing in frail and damaged areas.

Clarifying treatment

A  hair treatment at a salon, or a detox treatment, as we call it, is a ‘ reset button ’ for your scalp and hair that removes dirt and strips down product buildup. This is an extremely productive salon remedy that makes your hair thicker, way easier to style, and boosts its growth.

Scalp treatments

Hair care price is something we should not consider as the procedure will make us look and feel good. When taking care of the hair and doing humidity treatments, numerous people tend to forget that they need to concentrate on the scalp as well and underestimate salon scalp treatments! If you sense like your hair nothing really looks clean enough, it’s just the hair and scalp treatment that can help it from getting overly oily too soon. Scalp treatments come in a variety of forms, similar as scrubs, oils, foams, sprays, etc.

Hot oil treatment

Doing a hair hot oil treatment salon session may be relatively useful for all hair types. It’s probably the smart salon treatment for damaged hair you can get, as it brings life back to your locks by recreating the hair structure. Olive, castor, or coconut oil can serve as a good dry hair remedy, so go ahead, book a hair consultation, and nourish your hair! The process itself includes shampooing, applying oils to your hair and scalp if required, heating, and washing oils out.

If you want your hair to be this healthy and not worry about the hair care cost, you may contact the professionals at  Ayushman skin and cosmetology. Our specialist will help you to get smooth, shiny and frizz free hair and a healthy scalp too.



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