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Laser Treatment For Pigmentation Cost In Delhi

Table of Content

  1. Introduction

  2. What is meant by pigmentation? How does it feel to get pigmented?

  3. What are different laser treatment solutions for skin pigmentation?

  4. How to know which laser treatment option is best for you?

  5. What can you expect during and after the laser treatment for your pigmented skin?

  6. How long does it take to recover from a laser treatment procedure for pigmentation?

  7. When do I need to call the doctor after laser pigmentation treatment?

  8. How much laser treatment for pigmentation cost In Delhi?

  9. Conclusion




Our genes have a great effect on our skin and health. Aside from genetic reasons, there are many things that can damage the skin or lead to pigmentation. For instance, skin discolouration can take place because of any skin disorder, sunlight exposure, poor lifestyle, inflammatory problems, excessive medications, hormonal changes, etc. Laser treatment for pigmentation cost in Delhi is affordable as well as one of the most common methods to correct skin colouration or other skin conditions like dark spots, melasma, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and fine lines. Laser is the technique used to fight dead cells in the upper layer of the skin. Whether it is about pigmentation, hair removal, tattoo removal, or fine lines, it is a one-for-all remedy.

What is meant by pigmentation? How does it feel to get pigmented?

Pigmentation occurs when your face produces excessive melanin and this results in dark patches, leaving uneven skin tone. Although there is no harm in excessive melanin production, it leaves your skin with unwanted patches and you with lots of doubts. Pigmentation is common when you expose yourself to sunlight or on summer days. It is the darkening of the skin that may vary and is called hyperpigmentation. This is why a self-inspection routine is necessary. It is equally required that you visit the dermatologist to have a profound analysis.

What are different laser treatment solutions for skin pigmentation?

Truth be told, there is not any single treatment procedure that may help you with your pigmentation. However, the natural stubborn issues of skin can be treated with light-based treatments which are said to be safe, convenient and reliable by the FDA authorities. Depending on the depth, gender, skin type, extent of therapy, and age of the person, there are lots of types of lasers. The one that is commonly used is a Q-switched laser, which treats the skin at a superficial level.

1. Q switched Nd: YAG Laser

Q switched Nd: YAG Laser is considered the safe and effective treatment for hyperpigmentation. It can go deeper in the skin and allow permissible changes.  It helps to provide the uniform distribution of the lasers on the skin, helping to achieve optimal results.

2. Picosecond Q-switched Nd: YAG or Alexandrite Laser

Picosecond Nd: YAG or Alexandrite laser works in the frequency range of 1064nm & 532nm. It is known to be an ultra-short impulse helping to fight lighter pigmentation. Pigmentation removal in Delhi involving this procedure is comfortable and requires no downtime, meaning that you can go home immediately after the treatment.

3. Picosure 755nm Ultra-short Picosecond Laser

It is called pigment-seeking lasers, helping to handle sun spots, uneven skin tone, fine lines and the irregular texture of the skin. It works on the wavelength of 75 nm, helping to absorb better and deal better with pigments. In this treatment, you can expect no damage to the skin. This one process is comfortable for the chest, face, hands, legs, and back.

4. Pro Yellow Laser

This type of laser works at 577nm. It targets the skin and the blood vessels underneath the pigmented skin. The absorption capability is high and therefore works far better than others. 

5. FOTONA Laser

This laser treatment comes with versatile use including the application for hyperpigmentation and melasma treatment. It penetrates the dermis layer, generates thermal energy, and breaks down the melanin pigments. The pigments later excreted through the immune system. This one is well-tolerated by the skin and works for all skin types.

6. Fotona's Nd: YAG 

This laser type employs the wavelength that penetrates the dermis layer of the skin. This laser shatters the pigments into pieces without causing any damage to the skin. The shattered skin is later flushed out of the skin through natural processes. This is a non-invasive treatment helping to synthesize collagen and improve the fine lines or pores of the skin.

7. Fotona's Er: YAG 

This laser employs a frequency that is ideal for brushing out the upper layer of the skin. The water or hydrated elements present in the skin effectively absorb the laser light, leading to collagen production. Treatment with this laser significantly brings a lightening effect and helps in the smoothening of the skin type.

How to know which laser treatment option is best for you?

With the increase in pollution and other bacterial infections, there has been an extensive rise in the complexity of treating melasma. In particular, there is no laser treatment that may completely help your skin fight pigmentation. However, with the combination of technologies, devices and medical expertise, your dermatologist can address these things effectively.

At Ayushman Skin and Cosmetology, the doctors deal with appropriate treatments and combinations of such methods. They provide customizable approaches to set a tone of repair to your damaged skin and provide you with the lightening of your skin. 

What can you expect during and after the laser treatment for your pigmented skin?

During the Laser Treatment Method

  • The dermatologist will help you cleanse the target area.
  • You will be provided with eyewear or goggles during the treatment.
  • The dermatologist will try different approaches like 4-5 customizable laser treatments.
  • This will take around 15 minutes for the dermatologist to complete the screening of the skin.
  • Light and medium melasma will be treated with non-ablative lasers. You will be provided with zero discomforts.
  • You may feel a little redness in the second half of your treatment. You can ask for the change if you feel uncomfortable.

After the Laser Treatment Method

  • The laser treatment may create small reservoirs in your skin. This is the best time to fill the skin pores with suitable vitamins.
  • After the skin treatment, your immune system will naturally flush out the dead cells. The recovery may take around 4-6 weeks for the body to break the pigmentation.
  • This is the crucial time for the skin to rejuvenate. Try to protect your skin from sun exposure, and use a water-based moisturizer or SPF 30 or above.
  • Take utmost care while you are recovering and maintain faithful precautions. Do not try to be neglectful towards your skin care. Otherwise, the pigmentation may return or haunt the process.

How long does it take to recover from a laser treatment procedure for pigmentation?

Laser treatment for pigmentation cost in Delhi is the best affordable option for pigmentation removal. However, during the process, you may feel several sensations like:

  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Stinging

Your skin may develop a few colour-related changes like:

  • Red or discoloured
  • Slightly swollen skin
  • Blistered skin (in rare cases)

You can try protecting your skin by:

  • Wearing long sleeves
  • Using SPF 30 products
  • A reliable moisturizer
  • Successful protection from sun damage

Ask the healthcare providers at Ayushman Skin and Cosmetology and seek the best advice on the best products to be used on the skin before, during or after the treatment.

When do I need to call the doctor after laser pigmentation treatment?

You may not feel anything immediately after the treatment. However, after a few hours you may feel excessive swelling, redness, itching, and the chance of infections. In case you feel any sensation or any of the following, try connecting with your immediate doctor for help:

  • Drainage – the excretion from the skin that may look like pus.
  • Increased warmth at or around the target area
  • Fever
  • Extreme itching

How much does laser treatment for pigmentation cost In Delhi?

If you choose laser treatment for pigmentation in Delhi on your face, the price may range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 8,000 per session. However, the overall cost may vary according to:

  • Skin type
  • Strength of skin cells and the pigmentation
  • The target area to be treated
  • Underlying health conditions

There are lots of uses for laser treatment:

  • Tattoo removal
  • Mark removal
  • Birthmark removal
  • Hair removal
  • Scar removal
  • Acne removal, and
  • Pigmentation removal

The maximum price that may cost you for pigmentation removal per session is INR 10,000 and the rest depends on how many sessions you require and what area you want to get treated.

Pigmentation is harmless, meaning that it just darkens your skin and may not be dangerous to your internal health. While you may not look good with your pigmented skin, you can try reaching out to your local dermatologist at Ayushman Skin and Cosmetology. This will help you with gaining your confidence, solving the pigmentation problems and understanding your skin better.


One of the most modern, advanced, and common therapies to fight skin issues is laser treatment. It works to reduce acne, marks, pigmentation, and various other removal treatments. The intensity of the laser can be changed as per the sensitivity of the target area, the requirements of the patients, or the availability of tools with the doctor. Laser treatment may cause very little pain to your skin and the extent it causes pain is very much bearable. If you are worried about pain, your dermatologist will use a numbing or cooling cream before applying the light. This will help you avoid discomfort.

Suppose you or anyone you know intends to get Laser treatment for pigmentation in Delhi or anything that leads you towards the care of your skin. In that case, you can connect with the medical staff of Ayushman Skin and Cosmetology.



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