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Men And Their Skin Care

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  1. Introduction

  2. Importance

  3. Steps that can help

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People generally forget to take care of their skin in today's busy life. And when we talk about skincare, people relate it mainly to a woman. But men also need men's skin care routine as they work out under the harsh sun and polluted environment more than women. And they tend to neglect their essential skin care. Getting supple, smooth and glowing skin isn’t gender-related; it’s everyone’s need today.

Importance – 

Sun’s harmful rays affect badly on the skin, while mostly the men have to go through that as they come in contact with it more and they generally take skin care for granted. Consequently, it results in uneven skin tone, bad tan, sun damage and many skin problems. But men can also attain healthy glowing skin and there are some skin care tips men can follow to protect their skin that can make their skin healthy and glowing.

Steps that can help – 

Men's skin care routine is tricky as they have thick skin compared to women. The cleansers, moisturizers and other men skin care products are hard to choose from as it depends on the amount of content suitable for one’s skin.

Some essential steps that come under skin care for men are as follows-

Cleanse your face daily – Cleansing plays an essential role in the skincare routine as it eliminates excess oil from the face that can clog pores, leading to acne breakouts. Men have thick skin, so a cleanser should be chosen wisely.

Exfoliate twice a week – Exfoliation is crucial as it removes the dead skin cells of the top layer and gives the face a new clean glow. It removes dirt, blackheads, whiteheads etc. There are so many scrubs available in the market; an individual can choose one according to their skin type.

Use of after shave – After shaving in men, the skin care routine plays a key role as it helps the irritated skin or cuts from razors or trimmers to heal. Opt for an alcohol-free aftershave.

Use moisturizers – To keep skin hydrated, moist and supple, one can use moisturizers. A person who has oily skin can prefer a light moisturizer or gel moisturizer, a person who has dry skin can use a creamy moisturizer or oil-based moisturizer. It makes the skin gentle and soft.

Use of sunblock or sunscreen is exponentially vital – Using sunscreens and sunblock creams is significant as the sun rays on naked skin can be very harmful. Use of it is a must for everyone. UV rays present in the sun can lead to sunburns, dull complexion and pigmentation. So, to prevent your skin from getting damaged by that, one can use sunscreen and sunblock with desired SPF.
A skincare routine for men can help them prevent acne, sunburns, bad tan and harmful exposure to skin. It can help them in maintaining the texture and smoothness of your skin.


Men's skin care kits are not expensive and are affordable. Maintaining consistency in the skincare routine is very important. For the best results, you can consult the specialists or dermatologists at Ayushman skin and cosmetology centre to guide you on the best for your skin routine.



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