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Perfect Toned Breasts - A Dream

Table of Content

  1. Introduction

  2. Why Choose This Procedure?
    2.1 Breast Augmentation
    2.2 Breast Lift
    2.3 Visible Results

  3. Conclusion


The appearance of breasts/chest is essential in daily life for a woman as well as a man. Every woman desires a perfect shape or size for her breasts but they don’t have an idea whom to reach or what it’s actually called. This all comes under breast cosmetic surgery, which contains repositions, lifts or enlargement of the breast or chest size as desired by an individual.

Nowadays, people are really concerned about their figures and the appearance of their curves. Some people have them, and some don’t. So, this is where breast augmentation or breast lift is used to provide the desirable size, shape and contour to their chest. It is essential to know one’s concerns, and what they are seeking out of this procedure. They can either be in need of an implant or just a lift or it may be both, according to their choices.  Women majorly need this procedure because as they age due to childbirth and breastfeeding, they lose the tightness of the skin.

Why choose this procedure?

  • Enhances the appearance of one’s body.
  • One can achieve the desired shape they want.
  • It improves your self-confidence.

Breast Augmentation 

If a person has significantly less breast tissues and desires bigger breasts, then breast implants can help you out. A person who has significantly less breast tissue generally doesn't need any lift but they need implants which increase the size of the breast as much as an individual wants. It involves implants under the breast tissue or chest muscles in this technique. It adds volume to the breasts and improves the texture, tones and contours of the breasts.

Breast Lift 

As women age, the tissue of the breast starts to loosen up or droop, specifically after childbirth due to breastfeeding, weight changes and apart from that sometimes the ligament stretches cause the start of sagging. To cure that with age, the technique called breast lift is done to lift the sagging skin around the breasts. It repositions them or raises them and eliminates the sagginess from the breast.

Visible Results 

The results will be visible immediately after the treatment and will continue to enhance over some months. Initially, some scars and some redness will be visible as it’ll take time to heal. Breast implants are not viewed to be permanent thing, and they may require to be substituted. You can have your plastic surgeon for a yearly examination to estimate your breast fitness and implant integrity. Over time, your breasts will alter due to ageing, weight changes, hormonal changes and gravity. As the appearance of their breasts changes with time, some patients retain a breast lift and implant swap to freshen a younger figure.


This treatment is safe and sound and continues to improve yearly. It is cost-effective as well as time efficient surgeries performed by specialists. If you are going through sagging breasts or more minor breast problems and want to get your boob job done, you can contact Ayushman Skin and Cosmetology Centre for the best consultation.



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