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Restore Your Damaged Earlobes

Earlobe reconstruction surgery is a minimally invasive procedure which repairs your damaged earlobes. If your earlobe bothers you or stuck out from your head too much then this procedure can be of help. You can choose to get this surgery done if you have defects or injury on your earlobes. An earlobe is a facial feature which has few functions. In most cultures, ear piercing plays an important role but due to this earlobes can get ruptured or infected. Earlobe surgery fixes the damage and restores your previous appearance.

Reasons to get this surgery

There are various reasons for earlobe surgery. Most of the reasons are:

Elongated earlobe - Wearing heavy earrings for a long time or having multiple piercings close to each other can cause your earlobe to elongate.

Split earlobe - In this earlobe is split traumatically because of the earring getting pulled or by an accident.

Infection - It is possible to get infection for people who swim.

Allergic reactions - Certain kinds of jewellery like nickel earrings can cause inflammation and swelling. 

Hematoma auris - This is an external deformation of the earlobe. It can occur due to an injury caused by wrestling or boxing.

Bug bite - A bug bite can result in swelling and redness on your earlobe.

Contact dermatitis - If you have an allergy from an allergen and you came in direct contact with it then you can face problems like itching and redness on your earlobes too.


Split earlobe surgery is also called lobuloplasty. This procedure repairs split earlobes. It is a type of cosmetic surgery. The surgeon stretches the split then stitches it together with the help of sutures which are removed after a week of the surgery. 


Most of the patients return to their work after the surgery. After the surgery recovery takes around 10 - 15 days. 


  1. Wound care - there will be sutures in your earlobe after the surgery which can get wet if you wash your hair. Make sure to keep the area dry after the surgery. The sutures are removed after a week from the surgery.
  2. Activities - it is best to take rest and avoid heavy exercise. Avoid any kind of straining for the first 48 hours.
  3. Diet - a healthy balanced diet will be the best for your recovery. However, you can continue with your regular diet as well.
  4. Medication - doctor will prescribe you medication to comfort your pain. You can also take pain relievers  


Damaged earlobes can cause anxiety and distress to a person but with the help of this surgery you can fix your damaged earlobe and also correct your sagging skin. This procedure is almost painless and not very invasive. If you have issues with your earlobes like split earlobes, elongated holes and infection, it's best for you to get this surgery done and be free from the distress caused by your earlobe issues. By the help of earlobe repair surgery,  you can restore the symmetry of your earlobes and gain the ability to wear earrings again.



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