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Retain Your Fat After A Butt Lift

Your buttocks will be reshaped and given volume thanks to the well-known Surgical butt lift. Fat transfer is moving undesired fat from one place, such as your hips, thighs, or waist, to another, such as your butt. There are several Brazilian Butt Lift recovery strategies you may do to increase the amount of transferred fat that remains put, even though it is anticipated that not all of it will.

Food as fuel

You shouldn't go on a crash diet during the BBL recuperation period. Your body requires nutrient-rich foods to repair and nourish the newly transferred fat cells. To provide your body with the energy it requires during recuperation, eats a balanced diet high in healthy fats such as avocados, olive oil, walnuts, and salmon. Avoid processed meals that slow down your recuperation, such as candy, sodas with added sugar, and potato chips.

During your rehabilitation, staying hydrated is crucial, so drink lots of water and abstain from alcohol, which dehydrates you and interferes negatively with some medication.

Don’t sit on your butt

You must refrain from lying on your back and sitting directly on your butt for the first several weeks following the Brazilian butt lift. To ensure that the cells "take" to their new position and don't move during recuperation, it is vital to avoid applying pressure to the area of fat transfer.

Using body pillows to ensure that patients stay on their stomachs or sides during the night is beneficial, according to many people. For the first 6 to 8 weeks after recovery, choose a comfortable side-lying position to relax in or use a specific BBL recovery pillow.

During the first few weeks of your BBL recovery, if you must sit down, utilise a unique pillow and avoid sitting for longer than a few minutes at a time.

Wear comfy clothes

Apart from the specific compression garment, your cosmetic surgeon will send you home to reduce swelling and avoid wearing excessively constricting or tight-fitting clothing throughout your BBL recuperation. Wear loose, comfortable clothing to avoid severely restricting the new fat and cutting off its blood supply.

Before shortening the time you wear your compression garment, speak with your cosmetic surgeon first because doing so could affect the quality of your results and how long your recovery will take.

Exercise easily

During the first phase of your BBL recovery, getting up and moving around your home might encourage healthy blood flow and lessen swelling. You don't want to overexert your body too soon, either. Before beginning a new degree of physical activity in your regimen, consult with your plastic surgeon.

After your BBL, exercise gently for the first 6 to 8 weeks, then gradually increase your intensity and duration of exercise under the guidance of your cosmetic surgeon.

Keep your weight in check

For long-lasting BBL effects, attempt to maintain a healthy, stable weight by adhering to a balanced diet and moderate exercise programme. Significant weight fluctuations after a butt lift can negatively impact your results. Of course, some weight fluctuations are inevitable, but if you gain or lose 15 pounds or more, your results may start to suffer.

Only a portion of the fat that is transferred during a fat transfer procedure survives in the new area; the percentage that does depends on a variety of factors, including the volume of the fat that was transferred, how elastic and tight the skin in that area is, how the patient takes care of the fat during the recovery process, among many other things. The best plastic surgeon in Delhi agrees that the patient's recovery behaviours have a direct, considerable impact on how much of the fat survives.



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