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Say Bye To Your Facial Creases

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  1. Introduction

  2. Procedure

  3. Benefits of this procedure

  4. Conclusion



As we grow old, we start having facial creases, sagging skin, and fine lines, but facial surgery makes it easy to get rid of them. A facelift is a cosmetic surgery that improves your face's appearance and makes you look more youthful. This surgery deals with the issues like losing skin, creases and folds on your skin. This procedure is called a rhytidectomy which lifts and tightens your face through surgery. It can remove sagging skin while smoothing out wrinkles. This procedure does not involve a brow lift, though these can be done simultaneously. 


This procedure involves steps like: 

Anaesthesia - It is given to you during your beautification procedure for comfort. It can include intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia.

Incision - Depending on your demands, facial surgery involves a traditional method, a  limited incision or a neck lift. A traditional method begins with the incision in the hairline at the temple and continues around your ear, and ends in the lower scalp. Fat is redistributed among the jowls, face and neck. These areas are uplifted to contour your face. The second incision is made under the chin to improve an ageing neck. Traditional methods results are less rejuvenating as compared to facial surgeries. A neck lift helps with the sagging jowls and building up fat under the chin. The neck lift cut starts in front of the ear and wasps around behind your ear.

Closing the cut - This cut will be closed with the help of sutures that dissolve or might be removed after some days. Some dermatologists use skin glues. After healing, the cuts are well concealed within the hairline.

Results - The improvements are visible after this surgery. You can see that face correction can smoothen away your wrinkles. 

Cost - The facelift cost includes a surgeon's fee, anaesthesia fee, prescription for medication, medical tests and hospital facility costs.

Benefits of this procedure

  • Addresses signs of ageing like sagging skin and jowls.
  • Tightens up your skin to make your skin look smoother than before.
  • Contours your jawline and neck to make you look younger.
  • Beneficial for both men and women.
  • People of any age can choose to get this done.
  • Surgical scars are not visible after the surgery.
  • Downtime is manageable.
  • Natural appearing results.
  • Long-lasting wrinkle-free smooth skin.


If you have issues with your skin, like it appears to be loose and has a lot of wrinkles just like facial creases, then this procedure is the best for your face beautification because this procedure is a single solution for your multiple problems which occurs as we grow old. This procedure helps to redefine your face and neck area, tightens your sagging skin and helps you to get rid of moderate to deep wrinkles. This procedure also deals with the creases and fine lines of your skin. You can choose from several face surgeries like composite facelift, SMAS facelift, mid facelift and active lift to remove your sagging skin, double chin and crease around your nose and mouth.



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