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Say Bye To Your Sagging Skin With Surgical Skin Tightening

Table of Content

  1. Introduction

  2. Eyelid

  3. Facelift

  4. Conclusion


Surgical skin tightening is a procedure in which skin is pulled and tightened manually. As we all know, loose skin and wrinkles come along with ageing and make our skin look worse, and this could be due to reasons like losing facial volume. The surgical procedure includes facelifts like brow lifts, neck lifts and eyelifts. These procedures provide a great result to help you with your sagging skin.

This treatment can involve surgeries like :


This surgery helps remove excess losing skin from above, below, and under your eyes. Fat visible pads can be repositioned to plump up the hollowness under your eyes. Some doctors inject the fat taken from the thigh of the patient and inject it under the eyes.


A rhytidectomy, commonly called a facelift, is a surgery that helps to tighten the losing skin on the face. During this procedure, sedatives and anaesthesia are given to the patient to minimise the pain. It can smoothen away deep lines and give fullness to your cheeks by repositioning fat pads and tightening your face. Most surgeons perform short scar facelift surgery in which a cut is made from the temple to behind your ears. To tighten the jawline, the cut can continue up to the hairline, which helps you look younger by tightening your face.


The Surgical skin tightening is targeted to help you with the problems like sagging skin, fine lines and jowls on your face as you grow. You can get rid of these problems with surgeries like facelifts. The significant aspect of this procedure is that it gives you long-lasting results, makes your skin look smoother, and tightens your face to enhance its appearance. You can always get the look you want with it.



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