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Scar Removal Surgery in Delhi

Table of content 

  1. Introduction

  2. What Is Scar Removal Surgery?

  3. What Does Scar Removal Surgery Treat?

  4. Effective Scar Removal Treatment Options

  5. Is Scar Removal Treatment Permanent?

  6. Scar Removal Cost In Delhi

  7. What Affects Scar Removal Cost In Delhi?

  8. Recovery After Scar Removal Surgery

  9. Conclusion 



The best technique to get scar-free skin is Scar Removal Surgery in Delhi. Everyone wants to have perfect skin, and we do a lot to make our skin perfect. We use moisturisers, cleansers, and serums. We also use sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun. We visit skin specialists to take care of skin issues with prescription ointments. But sometimes scars are tough to handle in traditional ways. Scar removal surgery is the procedure to improve the appearance of a scar using a technique, such as surgical excision, skin grafting, laser technique, etc. Skin grafting is a surgical technique. It can cover the scar adequately and provide better results.

What Is Scar Removal Surgery?

The scar removal technique is the procedure performed to improve the appearance of the scars. Scar removal treatment involves coverage of all types of scars, including acne, contracture, keloid, and hypertrophic scars. There are multiple ways to cover up the scars, such as laser surgery, dermabrasion, skin grafts, OTC creams, and excision. Each surgery method has its pros and cons. Thus, you will discuss with the doctor to choose the most suitable treatment method for you.

What Does Scar Removal Surgery Treat?

Scar removal treatment to remove scars can treat several types of scars as well as other skin-related issues. Scar removal surgery can treat skin issues such as:

  • Skin laxity.
  • Dark spots.
  • Injury scars.
  • Sun damage.
  • Acne scarring.
  • Stretch marks.
  • Uneven skin texture.
  • Uneven skin pigment.

 Effective Scar Removal Treatment Options

Once you develop a scar on your skin, it becomes a permanent part of your skin. There are several ways to make scars less visible. Common scar removal treatments recommended by dermatologists include:

  • Surgical process: The most invasive treatment is removing a scar. The surgeon evaluates your scar and performs a procedure to make the scar less visible. A surgeon can take skin from another body part or reduce the size of a broad scar to place it over the treated scarred area.
  • Laser scar removal: It is a practical, noninvasive option for scar removal surgery. Surgeons use intense light to reduce a scar's colour, size, and shape. Different kinds of scar laser removal are more effective in treating one type of scar than another.
  • Chemical peels: A dermatologist will place a chemical solution over the scar area. A layer of skin lifts away to reveal a smoother layer of skin When the peel is removed. Chemical peels are the best for surface-level scars, and it requires multiple treatments.
  • Injection: Steroid injections can shrink the size of the scar that rises above your skin.  Other injections include dermal fillers or collagen, filling the area around a deep scar. 
  • Dermabrasion: Dermatologists use a machine that looks like a small sander. A doctor can smooth away the top layer of your skin. It is similar to a chemical peel; this treatment is suitable for smoothing a raised scar.
  • Ointments: Over-the-counter ointments and scar removal creams are good solutions for minor scarring. Surgeons can prescribe more effective scar treatment gels.

Is Scar Removal Treatment Permanent?

Many clients wonder if scar removal treatments are permanent because scars are a permanent problem. Thanks to this technology, which gives permanent results. In general, removing scars with permanent treatment completely resurfaces the top layer of the skin and is sometimes more profound. Scar removal treatments operate under this principle to gradually tighten, lighten, and fade a scar over time.

Scar Removal Cost In Delhi

Scars result from skin infection, acne, scratches, trauma, injury, and surgeries. While some scars tend to remain conspicuous, some fade over time. Scars can hurt the individual's self-confidence when you have unwanted areas, such as the arm, face, foot, neck, etc., such people can significantly benefit from scar removal treatment. The Scar removal cost in Delhi starts from Rs 30,000 and goes up to approximately Rs 90,000. Multiple factors impact the cost of scar removal surgery.

What Affects Scar Removal Cost In Delhi?

Several factors influence the overall cost of scar removal treatment. Here are the factors we are explaining.

  1.  Doctor’s fee: It is essential to get the best results from scar removal surgery that you rely on a skilled surgeon. Highly experienced surgeons charge more for consultation and operation.
  2. Choice of  Hospital: The hospital you choose will make a huge difference in the total sum you will have to pay for your skin scar removal treatment. Each hospital has a fixed administration cost. The cost will be high at private hospitals due to reasons like inadequate healthcare infrastructure, the latest technology and equipment and lack of trained and skilled staff.
  3. The severity of the condition: there are many types of scars. The four major types are hypertrophic scars, acne scars, keloid scars, and contracture scars. Each type of scar severity is also different. Thus, the scar will be analysed to determine the most suitable treatment method. The doctor will check the type of scar, its depth, and size of the scar. If a scar spreads over a large area of skin and the scar is very deep, more time and effort will be required to cover it up. As a result, the expense will increase.
  4. The technique used for scar removal treatment: There are numerous ways to improve the appearance of scars from chemical peels to skin excision. The doctor picks a scar removal treatment that leaves no marks. The skin type and age of the patient are also considered when choosing the technique. The most common options are dermabrasion, dermal fillers, chemical peel, microneedling radiofrequency, skin excision, skin graft and Z-plasty. These techniques require a special tool due to which their cost is also different.
  5. Additional expenses: Besides the above-mentioned factors, there are some other things that you should consider while creating the budget for the scar removal treatment. These include pre and post-treatment medications, follow-up consultations, diagnostic tests, travel expenses, etc. 

Recovery After Scar Removal Surgery

As you heal, always keep in your mind that no scar can be removed. The scar's improvement also depends on factors like the direction of the size of the scar, the scar, quality and nature of your skin and of course how well you take care of the wound after the scar removal procedure. Do not panic if your scars look worse at first; the result of the scar removal surgery may not be that apparent for one or two years. For some types of scar revision, silicone occlusion patches are applied. After five days, stitches in the treated facial area are removed.


Getting scar removal treatment is easy at Ayushman Skin & Cosmetology Centre. All you have to do is choose skilled and experienced surgeons for scar removal surgery. Discussing with a doctor before deciding on scar removal treatment is best. Scar removal surgery is available at several hospitals and clinics in Delhi. 



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