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Solve Your Shaving Problems

All of us want our skin to be clean. So, we  frequently shave areas like the face, legs and armpits for our hygiene. But even after shaving, are you not getting a clear skin but a skin that has red rashes and it’s itchy? It’s called a razor burn.

It is a skin irritation caused by shaving the skin.  Redness, burning and stinging sensations are the symptoms of this infection. It generally appears as a red rash, and it can be called a form of contact dermatitis.

Anyone who shaves can get razor burn. It generally appears on the legs, armpits, or face soon after you shave those areas of your body. However, how you shave can also help you to take care of this.

What causes this condition?

The common causes for this skin condition are:

  • Shaving your skin without using any gel or cream.
  • Reusing your old razors.
  • Not shaving in the direction of the growing hair.

Razor burn solution

Aloe vera

It helps to soothe and heals the burn. There is several evidence which supports that the aloe vera can treat or heal first and second degree of burns.

Coconut oil

Often used in cooking but it can also treat your burn safe and effectively.

Sweet almond oil

It’s made from almond kernels and can help you out with your burns. You can directly apply it right after you shave.

Witch hazel 

It is anti-inflammatory and can be used as a natural remedy to treat burns.

Baking soda 

 It has a cooling effect on the skin and helps to ease out the pain. To apply it, add baking soda in the filtered water and spread it on your skin. After it dries, rinse it thoroughly.

Calendula cream

It is made from calendula flowers and is a herbal remedy to heal rashes.

Hydrocortisone cream

Hydrocortisone cream is a topical steroid that’s applied to reduce irritation and inflammation. apply hydrocortisone cream as directed by the manufacturer or your doctor, generally one time or twice daily. If you see any side effects then discontinue the use. 

How to avoid the issue of razor burn?

Start by shaping your shaving routine with these ways:

  • Lather up with shaving cream before it.
  • Shave in a lukewarm shower or bath to soften hair.
  • Exfoliate before shaving your hair.
  • Stick with little, light strokes.
  • Shave in the same direction hair grows.
  • Don’t go over the same area further than one time.
  • Wash the blade regularly between strokes.
  • Wash off the area fully after shaving.
  • Don’t shave regularly.
  • Don’t reuse old razors. Change to a new blade after every 5 to 7 shaves.
  • Maintain your razor clean. Dry it off and keep it in a dry place.
  • Keep your derm moisturised between shaves.

However, the razor burn problem is not usually serious but if your discomfort is causing you to lose your sleep, the rash is stubborn and is not going away then you can contact Ayushman Skin and Cosmetology Centre. We will provide you with the best possible solutions regarding your issues.



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