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Thread Lift Cost In Delhi

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Thread Lift and Related Facts
  3. What is the procedure for threading facelifts? How much time does it take?
  4. Who is the right person for a thread lift, and what are target areas?
  5. Are there any potential risks involved for a thread lift?
  6. Where and how can you find the best dermatologists in Delhi for thread lift?
  7. Conclusion

Ageing induces many changes in the human body. Be it the strengthening of muscles, the skin's elasticity, wrinkles, and protruding skin, the cartilage gets weaker and doesn't hold the skin well. The first change people often notice the hanging skin. There also occurs a change in cartilage that further changes the shape of the face. One thing that can help you with the lifting of your body parts is a Threading facelift. It is a minimally invasive procedure by the Best dermatologists in Delhi and is less expensive than other plastic surgery methods. During the process, your doctor can also employ botox, which may help to reduce the early ageing signs.

Thread Lift and Related Facts

  • Thread lift is a type of cosmetic surgery considered a beneficial alternative to facelift surgery.
  • It is the procedure to tighten the skin using medical-grade thread into the skin of your face. The doctor will then pull the skin, tighten the thread, and will complete the procedure.
  • It is also called the “suture lift”, which aims to lift the skin of the face or breast. It uses medical-grade material or stitches. The skin further combines and helps to dissolve the suture.
  • Threading facelift has been in use since the 1990s. The innovations, ease to carry out, techniques used, etc., have increased the procedure's popularity in recent years.
  • Those with skin issues who cannot go with any cosmetic procedure because of anaesthetic issues or risks can consider thread lifting a safer alternative.

What is the procedure for threading a facelift, and how long does it take?

A thread facelift is a procedural surgery to uplift the skin medically. There are lots of steps involved, and these are: 

Step 1 – You will be given anaesthesia and will be provided with comfort during the procedure. Local anaesthesia will be employed.

Step 2 – Next, your Best dermatologists in Delhi will help you make incisions on your skin. These are not actual incisions; they are entry points using threads. These entry points become invisible in a few days or as soon as your skin starts growing or combining.

Step 3 – Once local anaesthesia starts working or after 5-10 minutes, the threads will be passed beneath the skin. You will feel no pain but only a slight sensation because of the touching of tools.

Step 4 – The results will appear as soon as the swelling and bruising gradually subside. The jawline and the surrounding region will become brighter, healthier and younger than earlier skin types.

In this whole procedure, your dermatologist will use a dissolving suture. This will help tighten the skin, uplift it and make it more youthful than earlier. The procedure hardly takes 45 minutes to complete without any need to undergo a scalpel.

Who is the right person for a thread lift, and what target areas?

People may suffer because of obesity and sagging skin. There can be chances that a person may have a skin lifting procedure because of any kind of injury. Ideally, a person who undergoes a face tightening procedure should be somewhere around his or her 30s. Patients over 55 can get the high benefits of facial surgery.

  • Thread Lift is ideally an alternative procedure for old people who cannot undergo any medical surgery for their skin-enhancing treatments.
  • Since it is performed under local anaesthesia, there can be issues and age-related concerns. For example, a person may have high blood pressure, diabetes, or any kind of cardiovascular disease; in that case, the dermatologist must be cautious in pursuing the process. 
  • Also, talk to your doctor about the side effects or the complete results. This will help you understand whether the procedure is correct for you or not.

Many people choose to go with thread lifting procedures because of the sagging areas or less tight skin. These areas may include:

  • jowls and jawline
  • brow line
  • under-eye area
  • forehead
  • cheeks

The procedure is also used to tighten the breast, help pregnant women to work on their post-pregnancy effects like weight gain, and help obese people lift their hanging skin after they become flat.

Are there any potential risks involved for a thread lift?

The decision to have cosmetic or plastic surgery is highly personal. It is only you who are going to weigh the benefits, risks, complications and everything that is involved in the process. Indeed, only you are responsible for deciding for yourself. Once you have opted for the surgery, your doctor will ask for your consent. This will acknowledge that you are delighted with the further treatment, potential complications and any risks involved (if any).

However, there are certain countable risks involved in the face skin tightening procedure, and these are:

  • Post-anesthesia effects
  • Difficulty opening your mouth
  • Incision into the skin using threads
  • Infection
  • Pain, which could persist for a long depending on your health
  • Sensitivity because of the sun burning
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Unfavourable results that you may not be likely to adopt

It is advisable to consult your dermatologist and share your thoughts or questions as much as you can. Once you get comfortable, you will surely get the best of all things, including the best results and overall best personality.

What does thread lift cost in Delhi? How long does it take to show results?

Patients prefer thread lifts over other cosmetic procedures like facelifts. Facelifts can take around a month to show maximum results, but in the case of thread lifts, you get the time until your thread dissolves into the skin. Dissolving takes only a few weeks and leaves you youthful as you wish or fascinate. Thread lift may cost you somewhere between INR 1,00,000 to a maximum of INR 3,00,000 (depending on the severity of the case, the health and age of the patient, and the basic fee structure of the hospitality centre).


Thread lift cost in Delhi varies according to health, future aspects, the results (to be needed), age, and the technique or methods used. It is the kind of technique that is a substitute for various other cosmetic surgeries. This is beneficial, especially for old people who cannot undergo surgery, which can be time-consuming and pose many complications. You can get the estimate of your cost for thread lift on our website or at Ayushman Skin & Cosmetics Centre. You can consult a dermatologist and may seek help from your nearby doctor in Delhi.



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