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Treat Your Burn Scars With Best Skin Doctor In Delhi

Burns are common injuries which often happen by accidents. It is damage to a tissue by heat, electricity, chemicals and radiation. There are various degrees of burns like first degree, second and third degree burns. Out of these third degree burns are fatal and require medical attention. These burns can leave a scar for a long period of time but with the help of procedures like plastic surgery and skin grafting you can get rid of those burn scars. 

Types of burns

There are variety of burn injury which are:

  • First degree burns - these are mild types of burns just like sunburns. In this, the uppermost layer of the skin turns red which causes pain but it doesn't blister. These take around 7- 10 days to heal.
  • Second degree burns - these affect the skin's upper and lower layers which causes pain, restlessness and swelling. These burns can cause blisters which sometimes pop open. These burns take around 3 weeks to heal.
  • Third degree burns - these burns affect all the layers of the skin which are epidermis, dermis and fat. These burns cause damage to sweat glands and hair follicles as well. These damage nerves due to which you don't feel the pain in the burnt area but the area around it. If you have a serious burn injury, it's better to see a doctor for it.

Treatment for these injuries

For healing the wounds caused by heat and electricity you can go for the water based treatment, medications and use ointments like silvadene and bacitracin. These ointments prevent infection and heals the wound. These wounds can leave behind scars which are rather disturbing for everyone because these remind you of the injury.

How to treat your scars

  • Skin grafting - This is a surgical procedure in which the skin is taken from the other part of the body and it is transplanted to the area which was damaged. This procedure is done under the influence of anaesthesia to make this burn treatment painless for you. In this treatment skin of a donor can be used to correct the scar.
  • Free flap procedure -  In this type of burn treatment, the skin is transferred from one site of the body to the surgical site in order to reconstruct the areas. Recovery can take around 6 - 8 months.
  • Tissue expansion - tissue expansion is a procedure which helps your body to grow some extra tissue or skin for the use in reconstruction of the scar. It is done with the help of an instrument that is a balloon expander which helps to expand the skin. After the extra is grown, this skin is used to correct your scars.

If your burns are severe, they are likely to leave behind a scar which can cause change in the pigment of the skin. Some scars are larger and can affect the way you look. These treatments are the best solution for your scars caused by burns because these treatments make your scars almost invisible to restore your previous appearance for you. 



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