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Undo Your Tattoo Mistakes

Tattoo removal is a solution for many people who used to love their tattoo but not anymore and regret getting it done. Tattoos are generally permanent because of the metals like copper present in the ink. This procedure is the non-invasive removal of a tattoo using laser-like Q-switched lasers. Laser treatment causes pigment particles to break down into smaller pieces and then these smaller pieces are carried away by macrophages.

With tattoo removal treatments questions like how to remove a tattoo without using tattoo removal creams is not hard to answer. These treatments are done with the help of laser . The laser breaks down the ink particle in the tattoo into smaller particles. White blood cells are a part of the immune system which collect and digest cellular debris. 

In the case of tattoo pigments, WBC collects ink pigments but has difficulty breaking them down. If a WBC is damaged, it releases its captive ink which is taken up by another WBC. It can be difficult to remove tattoos. Laser helps to break this pigment down and then WBC can take it away. To mitigate pain the area is cooled down before the treatment with a medical grade chiller also to use an anaesthetic. During treatment the laser beam passes through the skin, targeting the ink. 

It's possible to see immediate results but in most cases fading occurs gradually over the time. Some tattoo pigments like yellow and fluorescent are more challenging than the dark colours like blank and blues so you would have often searched for things like tattoo removal near me. This type of colour usually takes more sessions than the other. Number of sessions can depend upon the area of the body treated, skin colour, ink colour and effectiveness of the immune system.



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