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What Is The Birthmark Removal Cost In Delhi

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  1. Introduction

  2. Related Facts

  3. Why do you require the removal of birthmarks?

  4. What are the ways to remove birthmarks and how do the treatments work?

  5. Conclusion



While most people feel comfortable with their childhood marks, injury marks or birthmarks, some are less confident and wonder how to remove them. Although some birthmarks may be removed with time, you can also adopt a few remedies like:

  • Laser therapy
  • certain medication
  • surgery

Instead of choosing any general hospital, you can ask for the birthmark removal cost in Delhi, where your doctor/surgeon will help you complete your mark screening. He or she will suggest to you the reasons for the growth and removal of the birthmarks.

Related Facts

Birthmarks can be removed or can be faded, making them less noticeable. There are no specific criteria for birth removal.
Anyone with a dark or light and unwanted birthmark can have the removal treatment.
However, treatment options may vary as per the type of birthmark or size. This is because there are different types of birthmarks, and these are:

  • Vascular birthmarks: This may include something related to infancy or hemangioma of infancy, port wine stain, and nevus simplex.
  • Melanocytic: This category further includes the different types like congenital melanocytic nevi and café au lait spots
  • Nonmelanocytic: This may include the other types like nevus sebaceous and epidermal nevi.

Depending on the type, size and other aspects of the birthmark, your doctor may suggest different treatments including:

  • A medication
  • A laser treatment
  • Surgical removal

    There are various other methods like shaving and surgical removal or using creams of specific types. There are also laser lights which can shrink blood vessels and can later make birthmarks less visible.

Why do you require the removal of birthmarks?

Birthmark treatment in Delhi is the surgical removal that shrinks or fades the mark on the response of medications and laser therapy. Not all birthmarks require surgical interference and may require deep-medicated treatments like hemangiomas that may damage surrounding healthy skin. This may leave behind wrinkled skin or different marks that may have shrunk with time.

One of the best options to remove birthmarks on the scalp of children or kids is sebaceous nevi which may help the child to remove large bald spots. Surgery is used in cases where a moderately large spot may not look good with personality and may interfere with daily activities.

What are the ways to remove birthmarks and how do the treatments work?

All birthmarks do not require surgery; some can fade with medications. There can also be opposite reactions to these medications; marks may start irritating you, or the vessels may get ruptured instead of getting treated. This may further affect your bodily functionality, food consumption, breathing, and other normal body functions. The procedure concerning removing birthmarks is highly sophisticated because you need to interfere with the natural aspects.

If you want to find the birthmark removal cost in Delhi, your dermatologist will help you provide a clear picture of the mark, what can be done, what methods can be adopted, or what factors may affect the mark removal, etc.

There are different methods of birthmark removal, and these are:

  • Corticosteroids – This medication can be taken orally or injected through veins, for example, in Haemangiomas. This will help halt the growth, and deflating the long and protruding mark.
  • Birthmarks Laser Removal – This treatment is beneficial for vascular birthmarks, in which a pulsed dye laser is used to damage the blood vessels connecting the birthmark or the unwanted spot. This method can be used for pigmented spots or to eliminate excess melanin in the cells.
  • Surgery – When the birthmarks are large, and when the haemangiomas (benign growth of blood vessels) are internal, surgery is the best option for birthmark removal.


Most of the time, all the birthmarks do not require removal, but if you think they are interfering with your routine work, you can hide them in clothes or use medications to fade them. There are a lot of treatments available, which may include surgery, laser surgery and medications. Sometimes, birthmark removal is also done for cosmetic reasons. birthmark removal clinic in Delhi at Ayushman Skin & Cosmetology Centre may help you proceed with treatments efficiently.



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