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Gynecomastia is a condition of overdeveloped or enlarged breasts in males that can happen at any age. The condition can be the effect of hormonal imbalance (both estrogen and testosterone), heredity, fat or the use of certain medications.

This can create emotional discomfort and cripple your self-esteem. Some men may even avoid some physical exercise and intimacy alone to hide their condition. This can affect one or both breasts, sometimes unevenly.

What are the treatments?

A major factor that should affect the earliest choice of gynecomastia treatment is the condition's time. This condition can be treated in two ways:

  • Pharmaceutical method - With the administration of Clomiphene, an antiestrogen, roughly 50% of cases attain partial deduction in breast size, and about 20% of cases note total resolution.
  • Surgical method - Gynecomastia surgery is looked for in patients with a long-standing condition or in persons in whom medical remedy has failed. More broad plastic surgery may be needed in cases with noticeable conditions or who have developed extreme sagging of the breast tissue due to weight loss. After the surgery, you should observe an immediate refinement in the shape and appearance of your chest. While you may feel sore for some days, pain is generally minimal.

Cost of Gynecomastia Surgery

The cost of gynaecomastia Surgery ranges from INR 70,000 - 1.35lac/-*

*: The cost of the surgery may vary depending on your condition.


Many men have tried everything from severe chest exercises to low-fat diets to no avail to alleviate their gynecomastia. Determination alone is ineffective, and many men get dissatisfied with the amount of effort they've expended. This issue can only be corrected surgically.

The majority of patients report that the surgery was not as painful as they anticipated. In fact, patients report their recuperation as simple and their pain as akin to the discomfort they feel after a hard chest workout at the gym.

Most men see an almost immediate change in their breast contour, although full results can take 4-6 months. Swelling and bruising are usually following surgery, and recovery time will vary depending on the individual.

As long as the incisions are made skillfully and in the natural folds of the skin, the incision lines should diminish significantly following surgery. Most guys are prepared to trade their bigger breasts for inconspicuous scars.

Gynecomastia surgery usually produces long-term effects. Weight gain, steroid or drug use, and hormonal imbalances, on the other hand, may result in a return of gynecomastia.


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