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Cheek Enhancement Treatment

Sunken cheeks happen when a person doesn't have a lot of flesh between the cheek, under the eyes and lower jaw. As we grow, we lose collagen present in our skin which is a major cause of it. It can also occur due to illness like Ehlers danlos syndrome, lipoatrophy and eating disorders. It can affect both men and women because it results in an older looking appearance.

How Does The Treatment Work?

Treatments for hollow cheeks are:

  • Soft tissue fillers - These fillers and hyaluronic acid fillers are mostly used these days. In this treatment fillers are directly injected into your midface to give your cheeks more volume. The best thing about this procedure is that it is a non surgical procedure.
  • Fat grafting - Fat grafting is also called fat transfer and it is a permanent solution for your hollow looking cheeks. In this procedure fat is removed from other parts of your body and injected into your cheeks. During this treatment anaesthesia is given to you to make this procedure painless for you.
  • Cheek implants - These are designed to increase the projection of your cheekbone and add volume to your cheeks. It is a surgical procedure with relatively less risk.
  • Collagen stimulators - Collagen fillers are injected into your cheeks which helps the body to restore its collagen tissue. This gives a more natural and elastic appearance to you.

Cost of Cheek Enhancement Treatment

The cost of cheek enhancement treatment depends on the conditon of your cheek.


Although scarring is left behind after cheek augmentation, it is not apparent because the incisions were made inside the mouth.

Following surgery, you will immediately notice a change in the size and contour of your cheeks. It can take a few months to get the complete results, so this isn't the end result yet.


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