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Chin Reduction

When it comes to skin ageing, the neck is one of the initial spots to show age, and, for some people, fat is more probable to settle under the chin. This excess loose skin fat can affect their overall facial profile and jaw.
Chin reduction or Genioplasty is when you get surgery to change your chin. You may get this procedure to reform your Jaw or chin. Your doctor might suggest a genioplasty if you have troubles with your upper airways. Or you may want a genioplasty for aesthetic reasons.

How Does The Chin Reduction Work?

This procedure will make even out your chin or make it smaller. It's applicable if your chin is excessively eye-catching on your face. Your doctor will make the same incisions as for augmentation, but they'll take off the excess bone rather than adding materials.

Cost of Chin Reduction Treatment

The cost of Chin Reduction Treatment depends on the conditon of your chin.


After a Genioplasty, some individuals may have variable degrees of temporary puffiness and redness. Rarely, adverse effects include infection, an allergic reaction to the implants, or numbness where surgery was performed may occur.

Patients can resume their normal routines in a week following this straightforward treatment with little recovery time. However, there will be an unique aftercare regimen that one needs to follow depending on the complexity.

It is important to follow any post-operative advice given by our skilled surgeon, including those regarding prescription medicine, dental hygiene upkeep, appropriate sleeping positions, and more.


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