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Rhinoplasty is a surgery that changes the shape of the nose. The aim of this surgery is to improve the look of the nose and improve it's breathing. This surgery can be done for medical reasons like some people need this surgery to repair their cartilage. This procedure can help you to remove a hump on your nose, correct your nose after an injury and open the breathing passage.

Types of nose surgery?

There are many types of nose surgery which a person can get depending on their condition:

  • Open type - In this nose job, the incision is made on the outside skin between the nostrils to get access to the inside of the nose. By doing this the surgeon can easily approach your nose to resize and reshape it.
  • Close type - In this procedure, the incisions are made from the inside of the nose so that the scars are not visible after the procedure. This procedure is good for the people who do not need complex straightening of the lower area of the nose.
  • Tip plasty - In this procedure, changes are made at the tip of the nose to reshape it.
  • Filler - This is a less intrusive procedure as compared to others. The fillers are injected to reshape the nose. During this procedure no stitches or incisions are involved. This is a secondary surgery which is performed to make additional changes to the initial surgery.

Cost of Rhinoplasty

The cost of Rhinoplasty ranges from INR 2.0Lac - 3.0Lac/-*

*: The cost of your treatment vary depending on the condition.


The majority of girls and boys between the ages of 13 and 15 are physiologically mature enough for rhinoplasty, meaning that their noses are of adult proportions. The timing of a rhinoplasty also depends on the patient's emotional development.

The length of recuperation and healing can differ from patient to patient. Additionally, it depends on the kind of rhinoplasty operation you get and how extensive the procedure is. The typical healing process, however, can take two weeks to a few months.


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