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TOTs: Transobturator Tape

Transobturator tapes procedure is a procedure for urinary stress incontinence. It is performed under spinal or general anaesthetic. A small incision or cut is made on the wall of the vagina and the permanent tape is introduced through the vagina to sit under the urethra. The needles used to place this tape are introduced via small cuts at both of the upper inner sides of the thigh. This tape is permanent which will not be dissolved inside the body. This procedure aims to give you more control over your bladder. It can not always cure the problem completely.

How Does The TOTs Done?

The TOTs surgery include following steps:

  • This treatment is used to treat urinary stress incontinence and is done under general or spinal anaesthesia.
  • A small incision is created on the vaginal wall, and the permanent tape is introduced through the vagina to rest beneath the urethra. The tape is applied using needles that are inserted through small incisions on both sides of your upper inner thigh. The tape used is made of a permanent mesh that will not dissolve in your body.
  • The goal of stress incontinence surgery is to offer you more control over your bladder. It cannot always totally solve the problem.

Cost of TOTs

The cost of Transobturator Tape depends on the condition and after further diagnosis by the gynecologist.


After the surgery, success rates range from 82 to 96%.
The majority of the time, having children now or in the future precludes you from having surgery for stress urine incontinence.

You will be able to drive within 2 to 4 weeks of surgery. It is safe to drive if you are comfortable sitting in a car seat and can conduct an emergency stop without pain or discomfort.

Your recuperation should be rather swift, and you should be able to resume light activity in 1 to 2 weeks. You may experience minor vaginal bleeding or discharge or pass small sutures. After the surgery, you will be given pain medication to take as needed.


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