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Mesotherapy is actually a non-invasive approach, in which microinjections are administered exactly below the epidermis. The idea behind the cure is that it'll stimulate the mesoderm, which in turn will help relieve a range of medical conditions. The solution that's injected into the mesoderm is a mixture of several elements and the. However, there will be vitamins, minerals, nucleic and amino acids as well as coenzymes in this medical combination. The methodology is based on the fact that utmost hair loss troubles happen due to hormone issues around the hair follicles( like DHT), the absence of proper nutrients that help hair health, and downgraded blood circulation to the scalp.

How Does The Therapy Work?

Mesotherapy is given in two ways:

  • Chemical Ingredients like buflomedil, biotin and vitamins are injected into the mesoderm layer of the skin. These components work together to encourage natural hair growth.
  • Medical the dermatologist creates micro-perforation in the area to be treated. This triggers collagen production. During this mesotherapy hair is not damaged and also no damage is done to the existing collagen. This also helps in the formation of new tissues in your hair. The mesotherapy result that's injected into the scalp contains a blend of special chemicals, vitamins, coenzymes, and amino acids that are acclimatized and predicated on the case’s conditions. Mesotherapy encourages growth and can profit from this approach to new and healthy hair strands. Both men and ladies benefited from mesotherapy for hair.

Cost of Mesotherapy

The cost of Mesotherapy as follows(*):

  • 1 Session - INR 9,000 - 11,000/-
  • 6 Sessions (Package) - INR 45,000 - 55,000/-

* : The cost of your treatment depends on your hair condition.


Patients who receive this treatment feel little to no pain. As a result, mesotherapy is the ultimate solution to your hair problems.

Mesotherapy is beneficial for hair loss since it inhibits the DHT hormone and promotes hair growth.

The procedure has no known negative effects. There may be some discomfort or agony, however anaesthetic creams can alleviate this.

This method is widely accepted and advised by reputable hair professionals worldwide. According to most hair experts, mesotherapy has a 90% to 92% success rate for hair regeneration.


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